In the Steps of George Newman and Beyond

by Dail Whiting ISBN 9780992896508
Hopefully, you found this page because you have an interest in the history of Wateringbury, whether it is the history of the brewing families of Jude, Fremlin and Leney, the Lucas family of Wateringbury Place. St. John the Baptist church, or the Kent Brewery and the Phoenix Brewery. Whatever your interest, the fully comprehensive index will be of help and can be viewed via the navigation bar above. The purpose of this website is simply an introduction to a second edition of a book based around the recollections of George Newman, a former village resident. The original book, published in 2001, was entitled “Wateringbury Revisited, or, Fifty Years Ago, by George Newman, Enlarged and Illustrated by Dail Whiting.” George Newman was born in Wateringbury in 1835, the son of a gardener to Alderman Lucas of Wateringbury Place. He lived in the village until 1853 when his mother moved to Gravesend. In 1901 he returned to the area for a short holiday. During his stay, he wrote down his recollections of Wateringbury, and the people and places he knew in the village during the 1840’s. These were later published over a number of weeks in the Kent Messenger with the title ‘Wateringbury Revisited or Fifty Years Ago.’ Prompted by readers’ response to his articles, George submitted further recollections and an assortment of letters published in 1905. Using George Newman’s articles from the Kent Messenger, I enlarged upon his work by adding informative notes, my own essays, maps and illustrations, as well as a comprehensive index. The resultant publication contained 115 printed pages and included 50 illustrations. Because of it’s expected limited audience, only 300 copies were published in 2001, all of which were sold. There were subsequent enquiries about the possibility of further print runs, but the cost for very short runs was prohibitive. Now, twelve years later, a second edition with a new title has been produced. This larger edition, entitled “Wateringbury In the Steps of George Newman and Beyond”, contains 178 printed pages and includes 9 maps and 99 other illustrations of which 25 are in colour. The book is ‘perfect bound’ (paperback) with a gloss laminated cover and all pages are printed on 130 gsm coated, allowing for a good quality finish on text, maps and images. For more information, please go to the ‘Introduction’ via the navigation bar at the top of this page. This navigation bar is easy to use and gives a good insight to the content of this book, including the index in full. A sample of 15 photos can be viewed from the ‘Illustrations & maps’ page. Priced at £10 this book can be purchased via the ‘Buy the book’ button on the navigation bar at the top of the page. For all enquiries please use the Contact page ---------------------------- Click here for other Wateringbury publications you may be interested in
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